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Best Food at Camden Yards

Camden Yards (Birdland) is the ballpark home to the Baltimore Orioles MLB team out in Maryland. Oriole Park is known as one of the best venues in the game and also hosts some fantastic food. Not only is the stadium beautiful, but the Orioles also offer some of the best food options in the game.


Here are some of the best food options to get at Orioles Park at Camden Yards on game day!


Classic Camden Yards Food Choices

Classic Camden Yards Food Choices

  • Traditional Food Options: Nachos, pretzels, crab cakes, French fries, soda, beer, and Camden Hot dogs all around the venue to enjoy
  • The Chipper: Nacho Style chips smothered in cheese
  • Corona Street Taco: Tacos with Mexican Street Corn, Garlic Mayo, Queso Fresco, and more
  • Boog’s General Store: Offering up Acai Bowls, Dumplings, and more


New Food at Camden Yards

New Food at Camden Yards

  • Boog’s BBQ: Out on Eutaw Street, you will find mouth-watering BBQ dishes
  • Jade Satay: Waffle fries with peanut sauce
  • Dempsey’s Brew Pub: Out on Eutaw street offering sandwiches, salads, burgers, and more.
  • Old Bay Elote: Mexican Street Corn Dishes served with Garlic, Cilantro, Queso fresco, Sour Cream, Mayo, and more
  • Charm City Chicken Shack: Offering Chicken Tender and Waffle Fries. All food is in an Orioles Souvenir Cup
  • Harbor Crisps: Serving Gravy Fry Chipper with cheese and Kettle chips
  • Harris Creek Oyster & Seafood: Chesapeake Bay Crab Cake, Crab dip, Tarter sauce, Tomato, and lettuce
  • Pigtown Stack: Offering BBQ Patty’s on a brioche long roll, sweet mustard slaw, coleslaw, and a pickle


Classic Dessert Choices

Classic Dessert Choices

You will find classic deserts at the Major League Baseball venue, including cookies, ice cream, candy, and more.


Can you Bring Outside Food into the Venue?

Fans can’t bring in any outside food into the venue, However, water that is sealed can be brought into the stadium by hand. Security has the right to inspect any water that fans try and bring into the venue.


Also, be sure to visit the Camden Yards Bag Policy to see what you can and can’t bring into the stadium.


Can you Smoke in the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside Oriole Park.


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Popular Matches Against the Baltimore Orioles

popular matches against the baltimore orioles

The Baltimore Orioles, as of late, have been struggling to win many games during the regular season. However, when the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox visit, you can expect the ballpark to visit with fans. Most of the fans who attend these games are Yankees and Red Sox fans, partly due to how close both territories are to Baltimore.


In general, fans shouldn’t have any issue finding tickets at Camden Yards for a game. Going to a weekday or weekend game won’t make much difference since demand is low for the Orioles. Catching a matchup between the Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, or Toronto Blue Jays shouldn’t be difficult finding seats.


How Many World Series Championships Have the Baltimore Orioles Won?

How Many World Series Championships Have the Baltimore Orioles Won

The Baltimore Orioles have won the World Series three times in their career. The first time they won the World Series was in 1966. After that, they won two more times in 1970 and 1983.


Average Seating Attendance for a Baltimore Orioles Game

Average Seating Attendance for a Baltimore Orioles Game

2021 had a limit to the number of fans attending a game, so fan capacity numbers were down across the board. However, with the Orioles losing 110 games out of 162 in 2021, demand to see them was low. Camden Yards was at the bottom of the list with an average seating attendance of 14k per game and only drew over one million fans to their venue. Camden Yards has a seating capacity of 45,971.


Conclusion: Camden Yards Food

In conclusion, Camden Yards is known as one of the best places to watch baseball games even when the team is not doing well. Not only did the ballpark change the game with design for future parks, but it still is one of the best ballparks to visit to this day. You can expect large crowds to pack the venue in the inner harbor when the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees visit each season. No matter what team visits Baltimore, you will have a fantastic time at the venue with the endless food options to try.


Also, while the venue looks great, the food is also some of the best in the game. The Baltimore Orioles continue to add more food options to their menu each season, so there is always something new to try. They continue to work with the community to bring local flavor and tastes into the ballpark, which is great for fans visiting the area for the first time!


Finally, check out the Camden Yards parking if you are looking to save money on parking. In addition to parking, you can also read my Camden Yards review.


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