BC Place Food

BC Place Food

Best Food at BC Place

BC Place is the official home to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC team, part of Major League Soccer. Even though the stadium opened in 1983 at 777 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 4Y8, Canada, it has gone through numerous renovations to make the gameday experience up-to-date for fans. One of the ways BC Place Stadium has kept the experience top-notch for fans is by updating its food and drink menu yearly.


Here is the complete guide to getting food and drinks at BC Place for a soccer match!


Classic BC Place Food

Classic BC Place Food

  • Dawson’s Dogs: Coney Island hot dogs, jumbo hot dogs, veggie hot dogs, chips, popcorn, water, beer, soda, and more in sections 201, 214, 227, 233, and 241
  • Lionsgate Grill: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, fries, water, soda, beer, and more in sections 2016, 215, 228, 242, and 254
  • Commercial Drive Pizza: Offering up a wide selection of pizza, including cheese, pepperoni, buffalo, Hawaiian, tacos, and more in sections 222 and 249
  • The Poutinerie: French fries, garlic fries, chicken tenders, classic poutine, water, soda, beer, coffee, and more in sections 212 and 239
  • Beer Express: Serving up a wide range of beer and wine for fans to enjoy in sections 209, 214, 219, and 240
  • Lot185: A cafe and winebar at Gate D
  • Thirsty Pigeon: Offering numerous Canadian craft beer selections to enjoy during a soccer game at sections 234 and 248


New Food at BC Place

  • Bombay: Chicken curry, lamb curry, vegetable samosas, and more in section 220
  • Boomi Kitchen: Chipotle chicken bowl, grilled cheese, short rib bowls, and more in sections 230 and 244
  • Lemon Heaven: Serving up lemonade and more near Gate B.
  • Beast on Fire: Prime rib sandwiches, BLT sandwiches, chicken and waffle dishes, the Beast Rib, and more in sections 217 and 234
  • Beast Unleashed: Offering up the Elvis burger, short rib burgers, smash burgers, Kimchi dogs, and more in section 210
  • The Mac Bar: Fans looking for mac and cheese dishes to enjoy during a soccer game should head to section 207. You can customize your dish to have beef sausage, Cheetos, sweet corn, pulled pork, chicken, and more. Along with that, you can also pick up salads from this stand.


Classic Dessert Choices

  • Cin City: Mini donuts and more in section 2017
  • Cotton Candy: The cotton candy stand is near Gate C
  • The Poutinerie: Offering up funnel cake fries with icing and sugar in sections 212 and 239


Can Soccer Fans Bring Outside Food and Drinks into the Venue?

Can Soccer Fans Bring Outside Food and Drinks into the Venue

According to the team’s official website, fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the stadium. However, if you have any special dietary restrictions or want to speak with someone about what you can bring to the venue, consider using the contact page on the site.


Be sure to visit the BC Place Bag Policy guide to see what bags can enter the stadium with fans.


Popular Bars and Restaurants Near the Venue

There are numerous bars and restaurants in and around the stadium to check out before or after a game. Some nearby places include District Bar Restaurant, The Library Square Pub, Boston Pizza, and the London Pub.


Also, be sure to check out the BC Place Parking guide before your next visit.


Can You Smoke Inside the Arena?

According to the official Guest Support section on the website, there is no smoking allowed in the arena.


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Popular Matches Against Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Popular Matches Against Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Specific western conference matches against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC draw more fans to the arena than others. Those matches are when LAFC, Austin, LA Galaxy, and Dallas come to town. Other popular western conference matches against the team are against Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, and Nashville SC.


Also, it is worth noting that a Canadian MLS game will always be a big draw. Consider going to a match when either CF Montreal or Toronto pays a visit to BC Place Stadium.


What is the Max Seating Capacity at the Arena?

For an MLS match, the max seating capacity is 22,120. However, the stadium itself can hold over 50k spectators, but the team tarps off the upper deck for MLS matches. If the game will be in the playoffs or is for a Team USA match, then the upper deck will open up to fans.