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Miller Park - Milwaukee Brewers

Best Food at American Family Field (Previously Miller Park)

American Family Field is the ballpark home to the MLB Milwaukee Brewers team out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Brewers continue to be one of the most entertaining and competitive club in the league. Since 2001, Miller Park has continued to add new food and drink choices for Brewers fans to enjoy each season.


Below are some of the best food at Miller Park to get when catching a baseball game!


Classic American Family Field Food Choices

Classic American Family Field Food Choices

  • Traditional Food Options: Brats, Nachos, pretzels, bratwurst, and Hotdogs
  • Bernie’s Bavarian Pretzel: Soft German styled pretzels dipped in cheese
  • Loaded Fries: Fans looking to share a snack with friends can pick up the loaded fries. The loaded fries come in many flavors including buffalo chicken and southwest chicken. Head over to section 112.
  • Zaffiro’s Pizza: Fans looking for Italian pizza including cheese, pepperoni, and smore can head to sections 103, 123, and 208.


New Food at American Family Field

New Food at American Family Field

  • Elote en Vaso: Gluten-free grilled corn with a hint of chili powder, jalapeno, cheese, and more
  • Twister Cheese Fry (Wisconsin Ultimate Cheese Fry): Crispy craft beer twister fries dipped in Sargento cheddar cheese sauce and cheese curds
  • AJ Bombers Burgers: Offering burgers, Klement’s sausages, and brats, cheese curds, custards, and more. Head over to sections 107, 117, 125, 210, and 228 to get in line!
  • Smoke Shack: BBQ chicken sandwich with chipotle sauce, lime juice, horseradish sauce, and more
  • Street-za- Pizza: Fans looking for brick oven pizza with many different options can head to sections 123 and 208
  • The Yelit Melt: The name comes from Milwaukee Brewers, Christian Yellich. This melt is a grilled cheese sandwich that you can find in section 129


Classic Dessert Choices

Classic Dessert Choices

  • Pearl Sugar Waffle: Belgium style liege waffles loaded with powder sugar, chocolate, and more
  • Pete’s Pops: Offering popsicle flavors including salted watermelon lemonade, red berry, malted chocolate, avocado, fudgesicle, ice coffee, and more.


Can you Bring Food and Drinks into American Family Field?

You can bring food into Miller Park. Regarding drinks, you can’t bring in any liquid that includes glass, cans, containers, and any type of alcohol.


Can you Smoke in the Facility?

There is no smoking in any of the seats at the stadium. However, there are designated smoking areas on the plaza near right field. Check out this link to learn more.


Most Popular Matches Against the Milwaukee Brewers

Most Popular Matches Against the Milwaukee Brewers

Of late, the Milwaukee Brewers have been one of the more consistent teams in the National League. With their high-win percentage during the season, fans support their team at home. Some of the more popular matches against the Milwaukee Brewers include the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Franciso Giants, and San Diego Padres.



Fans looking to save money on baseball ticket prices should consider going to games during the weekday. Weekday baseball games will always be cheaper than catching a game on the weekend. Some cheap games against the Milwaukee Brewers include the Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks.


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How Many World Series Championships have the Milwaukee Brewers Won?

How Many World Series Championships have the Milwaukee Brewers Won

The Milwaukee Brewers have never won the World Series as a franchise. In fact, as of 2022, the Brewers have never made it to the World Series. The club’s furthest to reach a World Series appearance was in 2018, when they lost game 7 to the LA Dodgers.


What is the Average Attendance at American Family Field?

What is the Average Attendance at American Family Field

Even though the franchise has never won a World Series and plays in a small market, their fans show up for games. Even in 2021, when fan attendance was on a limitation, the Brewers were the number 10 squad via average attendance. Each match at home had about 22k fans, and they drove 1.8 million fans into their venue that season.

American Family Field can hold a crowd attendance of 41,900.


Conclusion: American Family Field Food

In conclusion, American Family Field has some of the best food options to try at any ballpark in the game today. With a retractable roof, you can always expect baseball games to occur without worrying about the weather. In addition to great food, Miller Park is known for great tailgate parties before the first pitch, so arrive early for that. Finally, you can also witness the Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race live!


Also, one neat thing about the venue is the slide-out in the left field. After a Brewers home run, look out in the left field to see their mascot slide down in celebration. American Family Field is the only ballpark in MLB to have a mascot go down a slide in celebration during a match.


If you are looking for American Family Field parking, you can visit that link as well. Visiting that link will share tips on where to park and save money when visiting the venue for a game or event. Finally, you can also read my review of the venue here.