GEODIS Park Bag Policy

Geodis Park Bag Policy

GEODIS Park is home to the Major League Soccer Club, Nashville SC, at 501 Benton Ave, Nashville, TN 37203. The bag policy at the venue is that clear bags that don’t exceed 12″ x 12″ x 6″ can enter. The type of clear bags that can enter the facility include diaper bags, totes, cinch, fanny packs, and more. Fans can also bring in small wallets and purses that don’t exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″.


Here is the complete GEODIS Park bag policy guide for your next Major League Soccer game.


How Does GEODIS Park Staff Review Your Bag?

How Does Geodis Park Staff Review Your Bag

There are metal detectors that fans must go through when coming to GEODIS Park for any event. If a fan has a bag with them, they will line up in the bag check line at the gate. The bag check consists of the security team checking the outside and inside of the bag to ensure it fits their clear bag policy and is not too large. The staff will also review the inside of the bag to check the items the fans are trying to bring to ensure they don’t violate the list of prohibited items.


If you plan to bring a bag to a Nashville SC game, consider buying a clear single-compartment bag that fits the size requirement for GEODIS Park. Nashville, along with more and more MLS clubs, has a clear bag policy at their gate, so it is best to have one of these bags on hand if you plan to go to more venues. Below are bag types that can enter GEODIS Park for a Major League Soccer game or another event.


  • A clear single-compartment bag that don’t exceed 12″ x 12″ x 6″
  • A one-gallon size zip lock bag
  • Medical bags
  • Clear camera bags that fit the size requirements
  • Small wallets and purses
  • Clear tote bags
  • Any clear bag that is a single compartment that doesn’t exceed the size requirement


What Items Can’t You Bring into GEODIS Park?

Fans coming to GEODIS Park for a soccer game should familiarize themselves with the prohibited items list rules. Below are some common items that fans can’t bring to the game. However, feel free to check out the official policy guide of Nashville Soccer Club to see the entire list.


What Should You Do If Your Bag Is Too Big to Enter GEODIS Park?

If your bag is too large to enter GEODIS Park, don’t worry, there are storage lockers to rent to store your belongings. The bag check area is just outside Gate F and opens up two hours before kickoff. After the game, these lockers stay open for an hour and a half after the final whistle, which gives you plenty of time to pick up your stuff. As a note, there are a limited number of these locker spots, so plan to arrive early if you need to check your bag before the game.


If you can’t get a locker at GEODIS Park, the next best option to store your bag is in your car. If you drove to the game, you could return your bag and belongings to your vehicle and leave them there. After that, you can get back in line to enter the facility for a game.


Finally, if you take public transportation to GEODIS Park and need to leave your bag somewhere, consider seeing if a nearby bar or restaurant will hold onto your stuff. Most local restaurants and bars charge a small fee to put your belongings in a closet or similar holding area at their facility. However, space tends to be limited at these places, so try and follow the bag policy guidelines so you don’t run into any issues looking for a bar to hold onto your stuff.


Parking Tips and Food Guide for Nashville SC Match

Fans driving out to GEODIS Park for a game or concert can save money on parking by using SpotHero. SpotHero has plenty of parking options within walking distance of the soccer stadium. Check out the GEODIS Park Parking guide to learn more.


Fans can’t bring any outside food or drinks into the venue. However, exceptions can occur if you need to bring something for medical reasons. Otherwise, you should plan to eat either before the game at a restaurant or eat at the stadium.


Here is the GEODIS Park Food guide to see what you can get at the arena.