CHS Field Bag Policy

Last updated on November 14th, 2023 at 03:54 pm

CHS Field Bag Policy

CHS Field is home to the St. Paul Saints Triple-A Minor League Baseball team. The bag policy at the MiLB ballpark in 2023 is very relaxed. Fans can bring bags into the venue if they go through a bag inspection at the gate. Most MiLB venues have a size restriction on the bags they allow inside the venue, but that is not the case for CHS Field in 2023. However, the team does recommend that fans only bring small bags into the venue, if possible, to help speed up the security check at the gate.


Here is the CHS Field bag policy guide for your next minor league baseball game. I also share my bag recommendation on what to bring to the game. Finally, there is an affiliate link to Amazon on this page.


Approved Bags

While you don’t need a clear bag to enter CHS Field, most MiLB venues have this policy. Therefore, buying a clear bag today gets that into this venue if they change their bag policy down the road. Below are the types of bags you can bring to the venue. Essentially, as long as the bag you bring in is not egregious, you shouldn’t have any issues.


  • A clear single-compartment bag, like a tote or drawstring
  • Traditional backpacks
  • A small clutch bag, purse, or wristlet
  • ADA-specific bags
  • A one-gallon clear plastic bag
  • Medical and diaper bags
  • A clear fanny pack


My Clear Bag Recommendation + Experience

The Bag I Recommend

Even though CHS Field does not require a clear bag in 2023, I would still recommend bringing one for the following reasons.


  • More and more venues are adopting a clear bag policy. Getting one today sets you up well if or when this rule changes at the ballpark
  • Bringing in a clear bag results in a faster bag inspection at the gate. I’ve been to dozens of venues with my clear fanny pack and the check at the gate is quick
  • My clear fanny pack is 11″ x 6.5″ x 5.9″ in size, which tends to be on the smaller size. From my experience, the security team will appreciate the bag being small since there is less surface area for them to review at the gate.


Below is my video recommending what clear bag to bring into stadiums.



Buy a clear single-compartment bag for your next St. Paul Saints baseball game!

How Does the CHS Field Security Team Review Bags?

How Does the CHS Field Security Team Review Bags

Fans arriving at CHS Field for a baseball game will undergo a metal detector screening at the entrance before entering the venue. Fans with a bag will have that go through an additional security inspection at the gate. The bag inspection mainly reviews the items inside the bag to ensure it does not violate the ballpark’s prohibited items list.


What are the Prohibited Items that Fans Can’t Bring into CHS Field?

What are the Prohibited Items that Fans Can't Bring into CHS Field

Fans coming to CHS Field for a game should know that certain items can’t come into the stadium with them. Some things that can’t go into the venue with fans are below. Be sure to visit the official policies page of the team for the complete list of prohibited items.


  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food and drinks. (However, baby food and a clear plastic water bottle can enter the stadium. Medical food can also come into the stadium)
  • Chairs
  • Coolers
  • Drugs
  • Cans
  • Glassware

Is There a Bag Check or Locker Storage Area for Fans to Use at CHS Field?

There is no official bag check or locker storage area at CHS Field for fans since most bags can enter the venue. However, if your bag can’t come into the stadium for any reason, you must leave it in your car before getting in line to enter the stadium.


If your bag can’t come into the stadium with you and you don’t have a car to leave it in, see if a nearby hotel can watch your stuff. Most hotels charge a small bag-holding fee if they have the space to watch your property.


However, as a reminder, the bag policy at CHS Field is relaxed. Therefore, as long as your bag is not excessive, you shouldn’t need to store it anywhere outside the venue.


Additional Information for a St. Paul Saints Game

There are plenty of official parking options surrounding CHS Field for fans on game day. Unofficial parking rates go for about $10 a space. However, the closer you plan to park at the venue, the more you will spend.


For the most part, outside food and drinks can’t enter the venue with fans. The only exceptions to the rule are medical food, baby food, and a factory-sealed water bottle. Otherwise, fans can’t bring outside food or drinks into the stadium.


Visit the CHS Field Food Guide to see what the concession stands offer at the ballpark.

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