Nationwide Arena Parking

Last updated on November 26th, 2023 at 06:35 pm

Nationwide Arena Parking

Nationwide Arena is home to the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets team. The arena’s address sits at 200 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215. Outside of hosting NHL games, the venue hosts numerous concerts and events year round.


Here are the parking tips at Nationwide Arena for your next event.


Official Parking around Nationwide Arena


According to the official website of Nationwide Arena, there are over 15,000 parking spaces within walking distance of the arena. Click on this link to see the Nationwide Arena parking map for more details. Parking rates next to (or nearby) the arena will vary in price depending on the event that you are seeing.


My Recommendation on Parking + Experience with SpotHero

I’ve been using SpotHero for years and always recommend fans check it out if they want to save money on parking. From my experience, you tend to find the best parking deals that are about a 10-15 minute walk from the venue. I can save about 30% on those parking rates compared to what is next to the arena. Plus, I like reserving my parking space ahead of time using SpotHero, so I don’t get caught in traffic heading to the arena since I’m going directly to the garage I reserved.


Nationwide Arena Handicap Parking Spots

Handicap parking is available in all Arena District parking lots, surface lots, and parking garages at the arena. Handicap parking comes on a first-come basis, so it’s best to arrive early events. Fans will need to present a valid parking pass and placard to keep their car in the handicap spaces too. In addition to accessible parking spaces, fans can the official pick-up and drop-off area that the venue on Nationwide Blvd and John McConnell Blvd. 


Can you Tailgate in the Parking Lots?

There is no tailgating in any of the arena district parking lots, but there are plenty of bars downtown to visit. Some popular bars include Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar, The Bing Bang, Whistle and King, and R Bar Arena. Finally, Brothers Bar & Grill, Gasworks, Park Street Cantina, and Park Street Tavern are fan favorite options too.


Check out the Nationwide Arena food guide to see what is on the menu! Also, be sure to visit the Nationwide Arena Bag Policy guide to see what bags can and can’t enter the facility.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

Fans looking to use public transportation to get to and from the venue can use the bus. The Arena District local and Express bus has multiple routes that run back and forth during games and events. Look for bus routes 2,3,5,7,8, and 18 to get to and from the stadium.


In addition to busses, fans can use Uber and Lyft too. The pick-up and drop-off area for Uber’s is on John H McConnell Blvd, or Front Street.

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