Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking

Parking at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta Falcons + Atlanta United FC)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the home of the Atlanta Falcons NFL team in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to that, the Atlanta United FC MLS team also calls this venue home. The venue’s location is at 1414 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313.


Here are the parking tips for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC!


How Much is Mercedes-Benz Stadium Parking?

If you plan to park in the Mercedes Benz Stadium parking lots, you can pay up to $75 a spot. 501 Mitchell St SW – Valet goes for $75 for parking since it’s next to the venue. If you would like to save money on parking, you should use SpotHero above. SpotHero will find cheap parking near the venue for any game, concert, or event!


Mercedes-Benz Stadium Handicap Parking

There are ADA parking spaces in the red deck for all Falcons and Atlanta United FC home games. Atlanta Falcons fans and Atlanta United FC will need to show a valid parking pass and state-issue license plate to leave their vehicle in the parking lots. Accessible parking spots may fill up quickly depending on the event, so plan to arrive early.


Popular NFL Matches for the Falcons

popular nfl matches for the falcons

Specific matches draw large crowds including the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets. Other matches that bring in many fans when their teams are good include the San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Finally, games in the preseason generally have less fan interest, so plan to go then if you want cheap NFL tickets.


Can you Tailgate at the Stadium?

All parking lots are open to tailgating, but tailgating can’t take place inside of any garages. Fans can use charcoal and propane gas grills for grilling for any event but will have to dispose of their trash before entering the venue. Finally, fans van venture out to the bars near the stadium before or after a game.


Can you Bring Outside Food to Mercedes Benz Stadium?

can you bring outside food into mercedes benz stadium
According to, fans can’t bring any outside food or drinks into the stadium. Check out the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Food guide before entering the stadium.


Also, be sure to visit the Mercedes-Benz Stadium Bag P0licy guide to see what you can and can’t bring into the facility.


Can you Smoke at the Facility?

There is no smoking allowed at the venue for any occasion.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

Fans looking to take public transportation to the venue can use the MARTA. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has a station next to the venue at GWCC MARTA Station which uses the green and blue rail lines. In addition to the MARTA, fans can use a rideshare program like Uber and Lyft to get to and from the arena.


Popular Atlanta United FC Matches

Atlanta United FC is one of the most popular MLS clubs in the league. They tend to lead the league each season with an average attendance of over 40k. No matter what game you go to, you will have a blast seeing Atlanta United FC play at home.


Also, if you want to buy Atlanta United FC tickets, you can use that link.


Other Notes

The NFL site sits 25 minutes away from Truist Park which is where the Atlanta Braves play baseball. If you are looking for Truist Park Parking, you can check out that link. In addition to baseball nearby, you can also see Atlanta’s basketball team out in State Farm Arena. If you are looking for State Farm Arena parking, you can visit that link.