Oriole Park at Camden Yards Parking

Camden Yards Parking

Oriole Park at Camden Yards Parking for the Baltimore Orioles

Camden Yards (Oriole Park at Camden Yards) is home to the Baltimore Orioles team. The Major League Baseball stadium sits on 333 West Camden Street in the inner harbor of downtown Baltimore. Outside of hosting MLB games, Camden Yards host numerous concerts and other events during the year for the residents of Baltimore.


Below are the parking tips for parking near Camden Yards.


How Much is Parking Near Camden Yards?

Fans looking for official parking lots next to Camden Yards can find them in Lots F, G, and H. These lots come on a first come and first served basis, so your best bet is to arrive at the venue 2 hours before the first pitch. Fans can expect to pay around $15-30 for these parking spaces directly from mlb.tickets.com.


However, to secure your parking space ahead of a game and save money, consider using the SpotHero list above. SpotHero has plenty of cheaper parking options that are a short walk to Camden Yards just above the left field entrance. Prices fluctuate depending on who the Orioles are playing, like if the Red Sox or Yankees come to town, but most parking tends to go for $15 and up.


If you are a visiting fan of the Red Sox or Yankees and are making the trip to Camden Yards, it is best to book your SpotHero parking space well ahead of the matchup to ensure you have a parking space. These games tend to be more popular than others, and the price can increase as it gets closer to the game as supply becomes limited.


Camden Yards Accessible Parking Spaces

Camden Yards Accessible Parking Spaces

Handicap parking is available for all fans to use at the baseball stadium. Orioles Fans can head over to parking Lot A and B to find the ADA spaces to park their car. Additionally, fans must present a valid ADA parking pass to keep their vehicles in these spaces.


Suppose the ADA parking spaces fill up before a game. In that case, the parking attendants will direct fans to the designated drop-off area to make it easier to get into the stadium. The three drop-off areas are at Gate A, Gate D, and Gate F.


Can you Tailgate at Camden Yards?

can you tailgate at camden yards


There is no tailgating at Camden Yards, but there are plenty of bars in downtown Baltimore to visit. Some fan-favorite bars include Pickles Pub, The Bullpen, Dempsey’s Brew, and more. In addition to those bars, you can also check out Quigley’s Half-Irish Pub, Frank & Nic’s West End Grille, and the Harbor Sports Bar and Grill.


Can you Bring Outside Food into Oriole Park?

Can you Bring Outside Food into Oriole Park

Fans can’t bring any outside food into the venue. However, sealed water can be brought into the stadium by hand. Outside alcohol is not allowed inside the venue for any game or event.


Check out the Camden Yards Food guide before your next visit to see what is at the venue! Also, be sure to visit the Camden Yards Bag Policy to see what bag you can and can’t bring into the stadium.


Can you Smoke in the Facility?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside Oriole Park.


Should I Take Public Transportation?

There are many public transportation options for fans instead of Orioles parking. Fans can use the Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) local bus and light rail options to get to the game.


In addition to using the MTA to get to and from Camden Yards, fans can ride their bike to and from the venue. There are over 200 bicycle parking spots that are all around the venue.


In addition to the MTA and cycling, fans can use Uber and Lyft to get to the venue. Consider leaving an inning or two early, especially on games with a large crowd, to call your rideshare. Otherwise, the traffic outside the stadium will result in a long wait to get into your Uber or Lyft.


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Popular Game Day Match ups for the Baltimore Orioles

popular matches for the baltimore orioles
Expect large crowds when the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, and Los Angeles Dodgers visit. Other popular Orioles games include the Los Angeles Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, and Pittsburgh Pirates.


Finally, games against the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Kansas City Royals, and Chicago White Sox draw less crowds.


Other Notes

In addition to baseball games at the ballpark, Baltimore is also home to their NFL team out at M&T Bank Stadium. If you are looking for M&T Bank Stadium parking for the Ravens, you can visit that link.