Chase Field

Behind Home Plate at Chase Field

When did the Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium Open?

Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark) opened on March 31, 1998. The ballpark was part of the new age of baseball with it being a baseball-only ballpark. One notable feature was that Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium was the first venue in the United States to have a retractable roof over natural grass. Rogers Centre (home of the Blue Jays) also has a retractable roof, but they play over turf. If you are looking for other indoor baseball stadiums, you can visit that link.


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Where is Chase Field Located?

Chase Field Outside the Park

The location of Chase Field is in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. The exact address of the park is 401 East Jefferson Street. Check out the Diamondbacks parking guide if you plan to drive to the game.


In addition to baseball games, Phoenix is also home to football, basketball, and hockey teams. The football team plays at State Farm Stadium, basketball plays at Talking Stick Resort Arena, and the hockey team plays at Gila Rivera Arena. If you are looking for State Farm Stadium Parking, Phoenix Suns Arena Parking, and Gila River Arena Parking, you can check out those links.


What Time Do Gates Open at Chase Field?

Chase Field gates open 90 minutes to two hours before the first pitch. You are best to get the 2 hour before first pitch on Saturday and Sunday.


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What Team Plays at Chase Field?

The Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field. The Arizona Diamondbacks are part of the National League West Division in the MLB. In the National League West Division, you have the Colorado Rockies, Los Angels Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and San Diego Padres.


What are the Dimensions at Chase Field?

A Diamondbacks Giants Game at Chase Field

From left field to the right, you will see the sizes go from 330 feet, 374 in left center, 407 feet in the center field area, 374 feet in the right center, and 334 feet in right field.


What is the Capacity at Chase Field?

Chase Field with Swimming Pool in the Outfield

Since the opening of the field, Chase Field’s capacity has kept their attendance mostly the same. The park as of 2017 seats 49.686 people. Chase Field is one of the largest MLB stadiums in baseball with most new ballparks close to 40,000 seats than 50,000.


Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets

Getting tickets to a Diamondbacks home game won’t be too difficult. The Arizona Diamondbacks averaged less than 30,000 fans per game, so tickets are always available. Besides opening day, fans can expect to pick up tickets without too many problems on StubHub, SeatGeek, TicketMaster, and more. When the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, or Houston Astros come to town, you can expect more massive crowds to show up.


Nearby Parks

Fans can venture west of Chase Field to get to San Diego and LA. At San Diego, you got Petco Park which is where the San Diego Padres play. You can travel north of Petco Park and get to Angels Stadium and Dodgers Stadium that are in Los Angeles. If you go northeast of Arizona, you could get to Coors Field, but it’s best to fly there.


Notable Features

Chase Field is part of the new era in baseball stadiums with a modern feel approach design. As mentioned earlier, Chase Field was the first stadium in the United States to have a retractable roof over natural grass. With games in the summer, you can expect game-time temperatures to be close to 100 degrees outside. One way to cool off is to take a dip in the pool which is out in right field at the ballpark. The park will also have air condition going through the stadium, so fans will be able to stay cool which makes going to a game in the summer enjoyable. Having a retractable roof is better than having a 100% dome facility like Rays Stadium.


Another notable feature is the team’s history of their 2001 World Series win against the New York Yankees. Luis Gonzalez hit a walk-off single to win the series in game 7, so there is a lot of memorabilia around the park that celebrates that victory. Fans can go into the hall of fame at the park to see more pictures and video of that moment in history. The Arizona Diamondbacks were major league baseball’s fastest team ever to win a World Series after being established just three years prior.


There are additional Chase Field events that are outside of baseball that happen at the facility. Many concerts have taken place at the arena including NSYNC, Kenny Chesney, and Billy Joel. There have also been motocross races, professional bull riding events, and WWE matches at the field.