Yankee Stadium Visit 2019

New Yankee Stadium Panoramic View Lower Level

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I was able to catch a game at the New Yankee Stadium on 6-22-2019 against the Houston Astros. The game was unique for me as my girlfriend got me tickets for my birthday, so we were going together. This game would be her first game at Yankee Stadium, so I was excited to share this experience with her. I’m also a big Yankees fan, so getting to share my excitement of the game with her was exciting. I also saw Zack Hample would be at the game via Instagram, so I thought it would be cool to see him catch a ball at some point during the game.


Here is the vlog of my trip below.


Train Ride from Manhattan

Taking the D Train to Yankee Stadium

We took the D line from 34th Street to 161st to get to Yankee Stadium. As you might expect, the train had many Yankee fans and a few Astros fans on board. One of my favorite parts of sports is how it brings people together.


The people next to me on the train were from New Zealand who were incredibly excited to catch their first Yankee game. They were asking me questions about the Yankees and Yankee Stadium, so it was a blast hearing how much excitement they had to see the Yankees. They did not understand all the rules about baseball, but they just wanted to drink and check out the field.


Next to me was an Astros couple who were very friendly. The Astro’s fans wore their jerseys with pride on the train, but nobody gave them a hard time, which was good. The Astros fans and I were talking about the crazy Rays moving to Montreal story, so it was great hearing what they had to say.


Entering the Stadium and Meeting Zack Hample

We got to the game around 6:30 PM and got through security and the ticket line around 6:45. As my girlfriend and I were walking towards the bleachers to watch the bleacher creature roll call, Zack Hample walked by me.


I yelled out, “Hey Zack” and he turned around, and we chatted for a bit. I told him I’ve watched all of his YouTube videos, he gave me a high five, and I went back to walk with my girlfriend to the bleachers. The odds of us walking by each other at that exact moment was crazy. Here is a picture below of me talking with Zack where he is wearing the MLB logo hat. As a spoiler, he caught a home run during the game, so it was neat to see him in action. If his videographer was at the game, I might have made his video as we were talking.


Greg Meeting Zack Hample at Yankee Stadium


If you are unfamiliar with Zack Hample, I’ll share a few of his highlights. He has caught over 10k balls, caught Mike Trout’s first home run, and snagged A-Rod’s 3k hit. He also caught the last home run at Shea Stadium in 2008. Check out his YouTube channel if you want to see him in action, or follow him on Instagram to see where he will go next.


Our Seats

Section 112 at Yankee Stadium

After watching the roll call from section 203, we went over to our seats in section 112. The seats were close to the field and were cushion, so they were so comfortable. The view was perfect, and these were the best seats I’ve had at the New Yankee Stadium


Food Drama

We had the option to get food from our seats, but we were already up and decided to get food at the concession stand. Complete chaos is the best way to describe our experience of getting food at Yankee Stadium. The concession stand workers were stressed, yelling at customers about how to pay, and so much more. We missed about two and a half innings just standing in line, but the people in line were making fun of the ridiculous situation, so it made it better.


Yankees Win

Greg and Caitlin at Yankee Stadium 2019 (2)


This baseball game was great for Yankee Fans to watch. Giancarlo Stanton drove in four RBI’s, Austin Romine had a home run, and Tanaka pitched a great game. Zach Britton came in at the end to close out the game, but everything ended up fine. Hearing New York New York play over the speakers was perfect with the Yankees win in the background. Since I did not have anywhere to go after the game, I stayed at the park for a bit with my girlfriend to soak in everything.



New Yankee Stadium Great Hall at Night

I don’t catch many games at Yankee Stadium mainly because I live in Boston and I’m trying to hit up every stadium. I’ve been to Fenway Park a few times, Tropicana Field, Jacobs Field, and Comerica Park already this year. I’ll be at the Blue Jays Stadium in September with my brother with a slight chance I’ll make it out to Nationals Park this year.


When I go to baseball games myself, I tend to walk around the stadium to get different shots on my phone. With me walking around the stadium, I don’t watch the game, which is the sacrifice of taking fresh shots of the park. This game was great to sit in one location and watch everything play out.


If you would like to see my review of the New Yankee Stadium, you can check out that link. You can also check out my link for parking near Yankee Stadium if you plan to drive to the game.

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