Progressive Field Food and Drink Guide

Beer at Progressive Field

Catching a Cleveland Indians baseball game at Progressive Field is a fantastic experience. The stadium is gorgeous, the ushers and staff are friendly, and the ballpark food and drink options are incredible. The city of Cleveland, the Indians, made many changes to their food and drink choices for fans to enjoy in 2019. Here is the guide to Progressive Field’s Menu Food and Drinks options.


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What to Eat at Progressive Field?

Melt Bar and Grilled at Progressive Field

One of the best options to eat is in section 158 at the Jake, which is Butcher and the Brewer. This local brewpub is a staple choice in the city of Cleveland so that you will find incredible meat sandwiches along with local brews.


Heading out to section 113, you will find an amazing grilled cheese stand. You will find endless options to add to your sandwich, so check this place out. Next, to section 113, you will be at the Corner Bar. At the Corner Bar, you will find many other great food and drink options, but I will break down the drinks in the next section in more detail.


The Great Lakes Brewing Company will have many fan favorites when catching a game. Barley pretzels, bratwurst, and great drink options are popular choices. You will find this out in section 159, 150, 153, and more. The Dynomite Burger is a new addition in 2019 for the Indians as well along with Pasta al Dante out in the left field too.


Like any traditional ballpark, you will find the classics available. Some popular food choices include nachos, pizza, burgers, the Ohio City Burrito, hot dogs, Sweet Moses Ice Cream, and more staple foods at the venue. Fans should check out the Indians promotion calendar for savings like Dollar Dog Night, which takes place throughout the season. Fans should check out Dante’s Inferno if they are looking handcraft pizza from chef Dante Boccuzzi.


What Craft Breweries are at Progressive Field?

Craft Brew Options at the Jake

There are many craft beer choices for fans to check out at the Jake. Fans venturing out to the Corner Bar will find endless craft beer choices. Some of the local breweries include Great Lakes Brewing Company, The Brew Kettle, and Fat Head’s Brewery all out at the Corner Bar. These breweries offer a lot of different types of drinks, including IPA’s, ales, stouts, and much more.


Other Beer Options at the Stadium

Fans looking to save money can always stick with the classics. You will find Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Sam Adams, and more around the stadium. Depending on what brand you get, you can expect to pay about half as much as the local brews. Concession stand ushers will be walking around with these classics, so be on the lookout for these vendors.


Where to Watch the Game with Your Food and Drink?

Best Place to Watch the Game at Progressive Field

There are tons of standing room options all around the Jake for fans to watch the game from. The high top bar stands allow you and your friends to put your beer and food down as you chat and watch the game. My favorite place to watch the game is the standing room only section out in right field at The Corner Bar.



Progressive Field Bleacher View Sunset

Many local restaurants and breweries are on display at the Cleveland Indians home. My first visit was in June 2019, and I was in shock at how good the dining experience was at the game. If you get club seats, you can expect even greater food options, but the local menu options for fans is excellent.


Be sure to check out the promotional calendar in 2019 and beyond to find discounts. Dollar Dog Night is on a handful of calendar days in 2019, so this is an excellent option if you want something cheap. Other promotions at the park include freezer mugs, fireworks, tote bags, select concession stands for $2, and more.


Indians Stadium is one of the best parks I’ve been to. The food and drinks are a more significant part of the reason why I like the place so much. If the Indians win as well, you can count it as a bonus too.