Best Baseball Walk Up and Warm Up Songs

Best Baseball Warm Up Songs

When catching a Major League Baseball game, you will hear walk-up songs for batters and warm-up songs for pitchers on the home team. The baseball player chooses a specific theme to play when they come to the plate or mound, and each song is unique to their liking. Here are some of the best baseball walk-up songs for pitchers and hitters.


Pitchers Warm-Up Music


Enter Sandman – Mariano Rivera

When Mariano Rivera would come into pitch at Yankee Stadium, you would hear Enter Sandman by Metallica play over the speakers. The lyrics “say your prayers” as the first words uttered over the speakers was perfect for the best closer of all time. The song became synonymous with Mariano Rivera, and New York Yankee Fans would go crazy when seeing the bullpen doors open with Rivera running out to the mound with that song playing.


Hells Bells – Trevor Hoffman

With 601 saves under his belt, Trevor Hoffman is the second-best closer to play in the MLB. Not only was he dominant on the pitcher’s mound, but he also had one of the best songs in the game with Hells Bells. Hells Bells by AC/DC blaring over the speakers as Trevor got to the mound was epic.


The Game of Thrones Theme – Noah Syndergaard

If you want an epic song to play for your warm-up music, you’ve found it with Noah Syndergaard. The New York Mets Starting Pitcher uses the Game of Thrones Theme by Ramin Djawadi to warm-up before each Mets home game. The music is truly epic, and it serves one of the most dominant pitchers in the game today.


Shipping Up to Boston – Jonathan Papelbon

When Jonathan Papelbon was the closer on the Boston Red Sox, he got the Fenway Park fired up with his theme song, Shipping up to Boston. Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys made its debut in 2006 and quickly became the theme song for the Red Sox 2007 World Series. While Papelbon is lo longer on the Red Sox, you will still hear this song at Fenway Park.


Public Service Announcement (Interlude) – CC Sabathia

Before CC Sabathia retired with the New York Yankees after the 2019 season, you would hear his warm-up to Jay-Z playing at Yankee Stadium. The song, Public Service Announcement, is the perfect warm-up music for CC Sabathia. The melody starting with “Allow me to re-introduce myself” was a way for CC to show how he continued reimagining his pitching as he got older.


Iron Man – Jonathan Broxton

Iron Man, from Black Sabbath, was the warm-up music for Jonathan Broxton. At the beginning of the song, the guitar solo is one of the most recognizable parts that most fans have heard. Other players have used Iron Man by Black Sabbath to warm up as well, but Jonathan Broxton is the most recognizable player to use it.


‘Till I Collapse – Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander likes to warm up on the pitcher’s mound to ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem. In addition to Justin Verlander, you can find a few other baseball players who use that song, but he is the most recognizable name. The intro to the song is perfect for a pitcher with “Cause sometimes you just feel tired, you feel weak And when you feel weak, you feel like you want just to give up” since they need to find that extra motivation to keep going.


Jump Around – Brian Wilson

Jump Around by House of Pain is one of the most recognizable songs on this list. The player who would use this song to warm up was Brian Wilson, who retired after the 2014 season. Brian Wilson was an interesting character in baseball, so him running to the mound with this song blaring fit his personality.


Let Me Clear My Throat – Chris Hatcher

Chris Hatcher is a former professional baseball player who would warm-up with “Let Me Clear My Throat” by DJ Kool. During his eight-year career, Chris Hatcher sported a 12-18 win-loss record with a 4.65 ERA. While his stats were not earth-shattering, he did have one of the best songs to warm-up to in the game.


Batters Walk-Up Music


All the Way Up – Mike Trout

The song All the Way Up, by Fat Joe, is easily one of the most familiar pieces that hitters and pitchers use in baseball. Mike Trout is the best baseball player, so he starts the list for batter’s walk-up music. Some other players to use this song is a mixture of hitters and pitchers with Max Scherzer, David Ortiz, Dellin Betances, Russell Martin, and Matt Joyce.


God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Lance Berkman

Lance Berkman is a prolific home run hitter, but his walk-up song may surprise many fans. The power hitter’s song, God’s Gonna Cut You Down, by Johnny Cash, is a slow song that you don’t hear at ballparks. Most players like to use hip hop or metal music to get ready, so this song stands out from the rest.


Humble – Joey Votto, Manny Machado, and Cody Bellinger

The song Humble, by Kendrick Lamar, is a classic song for plenty of high-profile batters to walk up to the plate. Some of the game’s biggest names to use this song include Joey Votto, Manny Machado, and Cody Bellinger. The song has a catchy beat, and the lyrics “sit down, be humble” can even be a swipe at the pitcher to show them respect at the plate.


Country Grammar – Luke Voit

Luke Voit is the first baseman for the New York Yankees in 2020. One of his favorite walk-up songs to come to the plate with is Country Grammar by Nelly. An ex-Yankee (as of 2020) also used Nelly to go to the plate, Tyler Austin. His song of choice from the rapper was E.I., which a few other players have used over the years.


God’s Plan – José Iglesias

The 2015 All-Star, José Iglesias, had God’s Plan by Drake as a walk-up song for a bit. The artist, Drake, is one of the most familiar artists that players like to listen to as they warm up. While Drake makes more of an appearance with the NBA and Toronto Rappers as a fan, he is wildly popular with baseball players.


Can’t Stop – Anthony Rizzo

The first baseman for the Chicago Cubs in 2020 likes to bat with Can’t Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song’s lyrics are perfect for a batter with “Chop top, he says I’m gonna win big” as they come to the batter’s box. Other MLB payers use that song as well, but Anthony Rizzo is the most famous.


Crazy Train – Lonnie Chisenhall

Lonnie Chisenhall last played in the majors in 2018, but he spent his entire eight-year career with the Cleveland Indians. During his time with Cleveland, he would come to the plate with Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. The loud guitar opening was the perfect way to get the heart pumping gas one comes up to the plate to hit.


Mercy – Brandon Phillips, Desmond Jennings, and Andrew Lambo

The song Mercy, by Kanye West, is a popular ballpark at-bat song for many hitters. Some of the most famous hitters to use this song to get in the batter’s box include Brandon Phillips, Desmond Kennings, and Andrew Lambo. There are plenty of other players who use Kanye West to warm up before baseball games a well.


Mr. Carter – Chris Carter

Chris Carter last played in the Majors in 2017, but he had one of the coolest theme songs to play when he came to bat with Mr. Carter. Mr. Carter is a song by Lil Wayne and Jay Z, and it perfectly fits due to his last name. Christ Cater might not have been a prolific hitter with a career .217 batting average, but he did have one of the best songs in the game.


SICKO Mode – Jake Bauers and Carlos Correa

Sicko Mode by Drake and Travis Scott was a popular playlist choice for many players to have as their theme. The beat, in the beginning, is easily recognizable and is popular with baseball fans too. Drake is one of the most famous artists in 2020, so many ballplayers like to use his music to warm up during a game.


La Romana – Willy Adames, Enrique Hernandez, and Ronald Acuna

Bringing the Latin flavor to this list is La Romana from Bad Bunny. Some notable players like to use this song when they come up to hit, including Willy Adames, Enrique Hernandez, and Ronald Acuna. Bad Bunny is also a player favorite for Javier Baez, David Peralta, Johan Camargo, and Christian Walker.


California Love – Howie Kendrick and Phillip Evans

California Love by 2Pac is one of the most popular songs for players to use when playing for LA. Whether you are on the Los Angeles Angels or Dodgers, you will hear players use it to warm up. Phillip Evans has not played for either LA team as of 2020, but he was born in California in 1992.


Con Calma – Eduardo Escobar and Jairo Diaz

Con Calma by Daddy Yankee is a fan and player favorite to listen to at the ballpark. Two notable baseball players to use this song include Eduardo Escobar and Jairo Diaz. Some other popular Daddy Yankee songs in the MLB include Dura, Gasolina, and Limbo.


Kashmir – Chase Utley

The song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin was the walk-up theme song for Chase Utley. A few other players in the game would use this song, but he is the most recognizable on this list. Chase Utley’s last season playing in the MLB was 2018 with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Black Betty – Josh Thole, Ian Kinsler, and Rick Ankiel

The song Black Betty by Ram Jam is a familiar song that you will hear at plenty of ballparks. Some of the most known baseball players to use this song to warm up include Josh Thole, Ian Kinsler, and Rick Ankiel. The song’s lyrics repeat along with plenty of guitar solos throughout the song, making it fun for baseball.


Crazy Town – Jedd Gyorko

Another country song to make the list is Crazy Town by Jason Aldean. In 2020, you can hear Jedd Gyorko use this song when coming up to the plate. Jason Aldean is incredibly popular with many baseball players, and you will hear many of his songs used in the game.


All Along the Watchtower – Lucas Duda and Kendrys Morales

Many players like to use hip hop to warm up before a game, but Lucas Duda and Kendrys Morales used Jimi Hendrix for their walk-up song. The song All Along the Watchtower is a popular song with many baseball players, but Lucas and Kendrys were the most known to use. You will hear Jimi Hendrix songs play at different ballparks sometimes before the start of a game.



As you can see above, baseball players like a wide-range of music to listen to when playing the game. Some like to listen to old-school hip hop, while others enjoy more current day soundtracks. Whatever their preference is, you can learn a lot about different players due to their song preference.


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