Why Does Chase Field Have a Pool?

Chase Field with Swimming Pool in the Outfield

Chase Field is a Major League Baseball ballpark out in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The baseball stadium (out in Maricopa County) is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks and is known for its stadium quirks. Some quirky features include the dirt strip at home plate, the massive retractable roof, and the fantastic Chase Field food options to enjoy. On top of these excellent ballpark features, you also have a private swimming pool and hot tub in the right field to enjoy.


In this post, I’ll go over information about the Chase Field Pool, why it is there, and more!


Why Does Chase Field Have a Pool?


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The temperature outside Phoenix reaches over 100 degrees during the summer, so a retractable roof was necessary from the start. Chase Field (originally Bank One Ballpark) was the first major sports venue to have a retractable roof over real grass, so the place was already breaking ground. To help kick-off a brand new stadium with a new expansion team, the Diamondbacks built a swimming pool as another distinguishing feature.


Outside of supporting the fans, players also use the pool for a variety of reasons. Some players use it to cool down after a game, while others use it to celebrate big wins. Finally, some players use the pool for swimming laps to help heal from an injury.


The Chase Field Pool and Corporate Sponsorships

The pool acts as a massive marketing opportunity for companies to utilize. Due to these high-demand seats, you will see plenty of corporate sponsorships in this area. The swimming pool is always on TV during baseball games showing the fans swimming, so it’s the perfect way to market a brand.


What Other MLB Field Has a Pool?

There is another MLB stadium that has a swimming pool at their venue out of Chase Field. LoanDepot Park, out in Miami, Florida, also has a pool out in the left field. The Marlins pool is The Clevelander, and it turns into a nightclub after games.


The Clevelander at Marlins Park


While not having a pool, Oracle Park (Where the San Francisco Giants play baseball), has the San Francisco Bay next to their baseball stadium. McCovey Cove is the unofficial name of the San Francisco Bay, where spectators bring their boats and wait for a home run. There is no swimming in this area, but fans can jump into the water to retrieve a ball.


Aerial view of San Francisco skyline on a beautiful sunny summer


Finally, Tropicana Field has a pool at their venue as well, but it’s only for the stingrays. The pool (Rays Tank) is open for fans to watch and pet stingrays as they swim. Anyone can visit the Rays Tank and catch the action during a baseball game, which makes it unique.


Rays Tank and Party Deck


Chase Field Pool Tickets


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Many people wonder what the price of the pool suite tickets goes for near the bleachers at Chase Field. Typically speaking, you can expect the cost to be around $4,500 or more for 35 suite tickets. Prices can change depending on the event you are looking to host. For example, you’ll pay more money for the pool suite when the baseball team is in the playoffs. As a note, pool suite tickets sell out pretty much every game, so plan accordingly!


The D-backs 8,500 galloon pool suite includes many features outside watching a baseball game from the comfort of a pool. First, you have all-inclusive suite food and non-alcoholic beverages with your menu. Thirty-five suite tickets are part of this pool section, and you get five parking passes. If you are looking for additional Chase Field Parking tips, you can visit that link. Finally, you receive a complimentary pool towel too. Most families and businesses take advantage of the pool to host events and gatherings with many people.


Who Hit the First Home Run into the Pool?

Mark Grace was the first baseball player to hit a home run into the pool in 1998. At that time, Mark Grace was playing for the Chicago Cubs baseball team. Chris Herrmann once hit a Diamondbacks home run into a pool of Philly fans who threw the ball back onto the field.


What is the Diamondbacks Pool Incident?

Everything in this post has been about fans, but what about baseball players? Back in 2013, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks at Chase Field and won the National League West Title. The Diamondbacks lost a 9.5 game lead in the NL West to LA, so clinching the division in Arizona’s ballpark made it especially sweet. Once LA beat Arizona, they went over to the pool to celebrate.


During the celebration in the clubhouse and dugout, many Los Angeles Dodgers players ran back on the field to celebrate. As they were on the field, many ran to the right-centerfield wall to get into the outfield pool and hot tub. Players like Carl Crawford, Clayton Kershaw, Adrian Gonzalez, and more were splashing and jumping in the pool as they were celebrating the win. Some of the Diamondbacks staff were not happy with the incident as they saw the celebration as disrespectful. Even players for Arizona and even senator John McCain took swipes at LA.


What Baseball Stadium Has a Pool Conclusion

Chase Field does a great job servicing fans with comfortable seating and their team’s history. The ballpark recognizes the Not only 2001 World Series victory over the New York Yankees along with photos from the 2011 All-Star Game. Outside the history of the ballpark, Chase Field offers plenty of modern amenities for fans to enjoy when visiting the stadium. Sitting out in a pool, eating hot dogs, and enjoying a baseball game with your friends is completely awesome and completely unique to Chase Field. Nothing beats staying nice and cool on a hot summer night watching a baseball game.