What is the World Series in Baseball?

what is the world series in baseball

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The World Series is the name of the championship series in Major League Baseball. Each season, the champion of the American League plays the National League champion to establish the best team in baseball that season. It’s one of the longest championship series in history.


How Does a Team Get to The World Series?

how does a team get to the world series

The MLB postseason has three rounds before the World Series, starting with a one-game contest between two wildcard teams. Wildcard teams qualify for the playoffs, despite not winning their division. The winner of the wildcard matchup moves on to satisfy the fourth seed in each league’s playoff bracket.


After the wildcard game, there are two more playoff rounds. The first round, which is the division series, which is a best-of-five series. Next is the League Championship Series (or LCS), which is a best-of-seven-round tournament. The winner of the LCS becomes a pennant winner and plays in the World Series. 


Home field advantage in each round is dependent on which team had the best regular-season record. In the best-of-five seasons, games follow in a 2-2-1 format, with the better team playing at home during the beginning and end of the series. Seven-game series follow a 2-3-2 configuration, with the better team playing at home during the first two and last two games. 


How Does the World Series Work?

how does the world series work

Like the LCS, the World Series is a best-of-seven series. Historically, the league that won the All-Star game also received a home-field advantage for the World Series. Since the All-Star match occurs between the American League and National League all-stars, the game’s result dictated whether the American League or National League team had a home-field advantage. 


In 2017, the MLB changed this rule and awarded home-field advantage to the team with the better regular-season record (like the previous rounds.) If each team has the same regular-season record, the tie-breaker decision goes to the team that had a better record against the other.


The first team to win four games wins the World Series Champions and receives the Commissioner’s Trophy. This trophy is the only championship trophy in the US major sports not named after a person. 


World Series History

World Series History

Since it’s one of the oldest championships in US major sports, there’s plenty of history behind the World Series. The first modern World Series took place in 1903 between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans. After an eight-game series, the Americans bested the Pirates to become the first World Series Champions.


Despite early success, the Boston Red Sox didn’t become prolific World Series winners. The New York Yankees have the most World Series wins with 27. The St. Louis Cardinals are a distant second, with less than half as many titles, having only 11.


What Teams Have Never Won World Series / Only Won One?

Several teams have never won a championship in the game today. These teams include the San Diego Padres, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Texas Rangers, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Colorado Rockies, and the Seattle Mariners. It’s important to know that the Seattle Mariners are the only team on that list that has never had a World Series appearance. 




Is Home Field Advantage Important?

Is Home Field Advantage Important in the World Series

Home-field advantage usually is significant to most teams in the MLB postseason. However, in 2019, the Washington Nationals made history for winning every game on the road. The team beat the Houston Astros in seven games, despite never winning a contest at home. Similarly, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays had to forgo home-field advantage during the 2020 World Series, as they played all games at a neutral site ballpark due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Conclusion About the World Series in Baseball

The MLB World Series has everything a fan could want when it comes to the historic championship series. This unique series features a variety of playing styles, from one-game playoffs to best-of-seven series. In the end, one team becomes the World Series Champion and the best team in baseball. With all the suspense and the drama, it’s a sporting spectacle you don’t want to miss.


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