What is Fantasy Football?

What is Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is an online system where an individual can be a virtual football team’s owner and general manager. These individuals participate in a draft where they will be able to assemble their fantasy team with current NFL players. Fantasy sports are typically associated with the NFL, but there is also fantasy baseball, college football, hockey, basketball, and more!


So, what is the purpose of fantasy football? Does it cost money to play fantasy football? How does scoring work in fantasy football, and how does your team win during a fantasy football season?


Below we will discuss fantasy football and what makes it a popular league with friends, families, and more!


What is the Purpose of Fantasy Football?

What is the Purpose of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is split into different leagues, so a person can play in various ways. However, each league functions on a point system. When the NFL season starts each week, an owner accumulates fantasy points associated with the actual player’s performance on the field. Depending on the league a player decides to join will determine the general rules, but in most leagues, the overall objective is to make the playoffs.


There are opportunities to make money from fantasy football, whether participating in a league on sites like Fanduel, making it to the playoffs, and ultimately winning the fantasy leagues version of the SuperBowl. Still, others use it as a means of socialization and an opportunity to build and manage their team. Ultimately the purpose for all is to have fun.


Finally, friends and families might make their league with or without a buy-in to play. Typically the goal of the league is to stay in contact with friends and family during the football season since the league is all about having fun. Plus, it is a great way to watch football as a family since everyone has their own fantasy team.


Does it Cost Money to Play Fantasy Football?

Does it Cost Money to Play Fantasy Football

How much money you put into fantasy football depends on which direction you choose to play. The NFL built its own fantasy football league, which is free to participate in, and you have the chance to win prizes if you perform well. In addition, it is pretty common for friends and family to create a “free league” as something to do that is fun and not about the money.


However, as mentioned in the earlier section, there are other sites where you may have to pay an initial fee to participate. Depending on the site, that fee could be anywhere from $15 – $700 for entry.


How Does Scoring Work in Fantasy Football?

How Does Scoring Work in Fantasy Football

The scoring system in fantasy football depends entirely on how the physical player performs during their games in the regular season. Therefore, fantasy football’s starting lineup is different than actual Football. Although a league commissioner can change it, a starting lineup in fantasy football typically consists of one quarterback, two wide receivers, a tight end, a flex (wide receiver, running back, or tight end), a kicker, and a defensive team.


What is an Example of Scoring Points in Fantasy Football?

What is an Example of Scoring Points in Fantasy Football

To calculate how many points a player can make throughout the football game depends on what the player does that day. For instance, a quarterback can score points by passing a touchdown, but they can lose points if they throw an interception. It all depends on how the players on your team perform on a week-to-week basis and what accomplishments they achieve.


Also, it is best to know that the league commission can change the value of a score or a turnover before the season begins. Therefore, some commissioners might severely punish interceptions more than what you would find in other leagues.


What is the Scoring Systems in Fantasy Football?

What is the Scoring Systems in Fantasy Football

PRP and IDP are two scoring systems that are part of fantasy football. PPR (points per reception) awards points to a player. Additionally, the IDP (individual defensive players) is where instead of playing the entire defensive team, you choose individual players leaving you with one defensive player or more defensive players than the offensive player has. Those defensive players then earn points through defensive attributes.


How Do Fans Draft Players in a Draft?

How Do Fans Draft Players in a Draft

Many people often try to accumulate all the top players in the league, but that may not always be the best route. Finding solid, consistent players who you believe will perform at a reasonable rate weekly can be best. These players are sleepers because they perform well under the radar.


Top players can get extra rest time when injured or toward the end of the year, so they may not always be able to come through for a player. Having a solid overall football team is the best way to gain as many points and make it to the playoffs.


How Does Your Team Win During a Fantasy Football Season?

How Does Your Team Win During a Fantasy Football Season

Teams can win in fantasy football in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to play head-to-head matchups with other players. In this type of league, whoever scores the most point during a single game earns a win and the other a loss.


As the season progresses, the team accumulates a win-lose record, and whoever has the best record at the end of the season makes the playoffs that coincide with the NFL’s weeks 14-17. The team then plays in the playoffs, following the same rules from the regular season until they make it to the championship and whoever wins head to head wins the league.


Another fantasy league structure is when overall point totals determine the standings. Whichever team has accumulated the most points throughout the season and ranks highest in the standings will move on to the playoffs and continue the process until a winner is declared.


How Many People Play Fantasy Football?

How Many People Play Fantasy Football

According to ESPN, about 40 million unique users play fantasy football each season. However, most of these users who play are in the United States. ESPN states that only 5% of the users who play live outside the United States, which is why the league continues to expand to the UK and other markets to grow the game.


What Happens if a Player is Injured / Not Playing that Week?

What Happens if a Player is Injured Not Playing that Week

Injuries and bye weeks are standard in football. As a general manager of a fantasy team, you need to adapt to a player getting an injury or having their team on a bye week. If a player has an injury or their real-life team is not playing, they won’t generate points. Therefore, you must put them on the bench or injured slot to put in a different player. Otherwise, you won’t receive any points from them if you forget to put them on the bench that week.


GMs tend to either make a trade with other fantasy GMs or visit the free agency lot to put a player into an open spot. Sometimes, fantasy GMs will only add a player from free agency that week to play as a wide receiver, for example, and then they will cut them after that week.


Other times, if the injury to a player will be for the entire season, GMs will cut that player entirely and then go to free agency to permanently add another player who plays that position on their roster.


Conclusion: What is Fantasy Football?

In summary, fantasy sports have continued to grow in popularity with football fans. ESPN even has a show dedicated to fantasy football throughout the NFL season. Plus, they even perform mock drafts as they do for the actual NFL draft. In addition, the national football league has even made a fantasy league for people to enjoy.


The overall premise of fantasy football is to accumulate who you believe to be the best players, whether culminating in a draft strategy for the fantasy football draft, looking through the waiver wire, or finding the perfect free agent. It’s a season-long adventure that can even help fans of the NFL keep track of their favorite football players without ever watching the actual game. The scoring system makes it easy for beginners to participate and follow the league without confusion; depending on your purposes, it can be entirely free.


Fantasy football brings the same level of competitiveness a person could feel playing the sport in real life. Also, it is a great way to see how you would do if you were running a team. Drafting the right or wrong player could make or break a season for a team.


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