What is a Pick 6 in Football?

what is a pick 6 in football

Last updated on October 28th, 2023 at 10:40 am

A “Pick Six” occurs when a defensive player intercepts a forward pass and returns the ball for a touchdown in American football. A Pick six is one of the most exciting plays in football and can completely shift the momentum of a game.


What Does a Pick Six Play Look Like During a Game?

What Does a Pick Six Play Look Like During a Game

The most important part of a Pick Six is the extra points scored after the defense returns the ball for a touchdown. However, a few other important aspects of this play make it an exciting event in a game.


After a defensive player catches the ball, there’s often a huge transition on the team as the defensive line starts blocking the offensive team to clear a path for the player with the ball. Meanwhile, the opposing team has to try to intervene and stop the run.


After a Pick Six, the team that scored (the defensive team on the previous play) will kick the ball to the opposing team, giving them a second attempt at a scoring drive.


What is a Pick Two?

The Pick Two only became possible in the NFL after a rule change in the 2015-2016 season. Before that, this was only possible in college football. Defensive two-point conversions are fascinating events that can turn the tide in close football games. A few games in NFL history have won on a defensive two-point conversion, making these particularly influential plays.


A Pick Two is crucial because they get the ball back after the defensive team scores, just as they would after a successful two-point conversion. This Pick Two results in back-to-back scoring opportunities for one side, which makes it impactful during a game.


In 2016, Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive back Eric Berry was the first player to complete a pick two. He recovered a ball thrown by Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Previous to the play, the Chiefs were down 27-28. The extra two points were enough to push them to a victory.


Conclusion about Pick 6 in Football

A Pick 6 is an interception that a defensive player returns for a touchdown. It’s one of the most exciting plays and can help a team shift momentum or get extra points that can help them win a football game. While it’s often confused with an interception, it’s essential to know that a play is only a Pick Six if it’s returned for extra points.


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