What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

Ever notice that the basketball rim is slightly thicker at an outdoor basketball court than what you might see in your driveway? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; some playgrounds with basketball courts have double rims instead of a single one. Even the NBA uses a form of a double rim, which requires players to perfect their shooting skills to get the ball into the hoop, which sounds easier than it is.


So why are there double rim hoops instead of single rims in places like public courts? Does it make shooting a jump shot or taking a layup harder to make than against a single rim hoop? Here is the complete breakdown of double rim basketball hoops.


Why are there Double Rim Basketball Hoops?

Why are there Double Rim Basketball Hoops

Double rim basketball hoops are standard in outdoor basketball courts due to being stronger against the outdoor elements than a single rim hoop. A single rim wouldn’t last as long as a double rim with rain, sleet, snow, wind, and other outdoor conditions. Not only is the double rim more durable against weather conditions, but it can also withstand extreme play, like basketball players hanging off the rim on a slam dunk.


Why are there Single Rim Hoops?

Why are there Single Rim Hoops

Single room hoops are standard at places like an indoor gym or what you might have in your driveway. The single rim is not as strong as the double rim, so getting the basketball into the hoop when you shoot is easier. The price is the main difference outside of the single ring being easier to score. A double ring hoop will always be more expensive than a single rim hoop.


Is it Harder to Shoot Baskets into a Double Rim Hoop?

is it harder to shoot baskets into a double rim hoop

Your shooting ability may suffer when playing a pick-up game with a double rim, which might demoralize a great shooter. Since the thickness of the edge is noticeable, your shot percentage may drop when you play basketball on a double rim instead of a single rim hoop.

For example, a soft layup using the backboard on a breakaway might bounce against the double rim, which can cause it to not go into the hoop. The same can occur on a bank shot that rattles around the edge and doesn’t go into the basket. Sometimes it might feel like the only way to get the ball into the hoop is with a perfect arc that goes in as a swish.


How Should You Shoot Against a Double Rim Hoop?

how should you shoot against a double rim hoop

An excellent shooting touch will be essential when playing a basketball game on a double rim hoop. For example, the double rim hoop won’t give you any favors if you shoot hard against the backboard on a bank shot. The same goes with a fast breakaway where you try and use the backboard to guide the ball into the hoop.


Instead, using a double rim requires players to improve their shooting skills to have the ball land precisely in the hoop. Players should practice making swish shots close range and gradually move further away from the basket. With these drills on how hard you need to shoot a basket from certain distances, you will develop muscle memory.


Another way to shoot against a double rim hoop is by practicing your free throw attempts. Ideally, you want your free throws to go into the circle as a swish. Learning how to arc your shot with a consistent motion can help you nail down basketball shooting fundamentals.


Are There Any Advantages to Playing on a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

are there any advantages to playing on a double rim basketball hoop

Practicing your shooting form on a double rim basketball hoop has a few advantages over a single rimmed circle. To start, you can’t entirely rely on the backboard to soften a shot when playing on a double rim, so you need to learn how to shoot to get the ball directly into the basket instead. While a standard rim can absorb the basketball on a backboard bounce, a double rim won’t be as forgiving, making it less likely for the ball to go into the hoop.


To help counter that lack of rim absorption, players need to learn how to arc their shots and not rely on the backboard and rim working together. Giving the ball a proper arc can have the basketball land through the hoop as a swish, which will help you whether you play on a single rim or double rim hoop.


Another advantage of playing on a double rim hoop is improving your responsiveness on rebounds. Since playing on this thicker rim will yield extra misses, more opportunities will be available to recover the rebound. Recovering the rebound is a critical part of the game, and mastering this skill can make you one of the best basketball players on your team.


When to Use a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Double rim basketball hoops are popular for outdoor play in parks. The thicker material can withstand most outdoor elements that can cause problems and hold up against slam dunks or rough play.


Does the NBA Use a Double Rim Hoop?

does the nba use a double rim hoop

From 1985-to 2009, the NBA used Gared Snap Back Goal, which was a single rim. Since 2010, the NBA has used Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goal, a double edge. This double rim has a 180-degree breakaway, which means it can withstand powerful dunks by NBA players.


Playing with a double rim forces NBA players to have perfect form when they shoot to make a basket. Any mistake on a shot with the double rim might not go into the basket as a score. According to Journal Now, the NBA standard for a rim is between 20-35% via absorption, which means errant shots might not go in as scores.


Does NCAA Basketball Use a Double Rim Hoop?

does ncaa basketball use a double rim hoop

NCAA basketball (men’s and women’s) use a double rim hoop similar to the NBA. However, according to Journal Now, the rim type is different from the NBA. When NBA arenas host NCAA basketball games, they bring in an extra rim with an energy absorption of 43%, which means it is slightly easier to get the ball into the hoop.


Conclusion: What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

​In summary, a double rim makes it slightly more challenging to get the basketball into the hoop when you shoot. You tend to see more double rim basketball hoops in outdoor playgrounds since they withstand the weather elements and physical play. Otherwise, single rim hoops are popular for playing in a driveway or at a local gym since they are less expensive and easier to make a shot.


The NBA uses double-rims, which doesn’t give the players much wiggle room on errant shots. The double rim they use doesn’t have much energy absorption, which means certain shots will bounce right out of the hoop if they are not perfect. You tend to see these balls bounce right out of the hoop on three-point shot attempts that are not perfect.


While double rims make shooting the basketball into the hoop more complex, they are an excellent way to practice your shooting skills, even if you sometimes play on a single rim hoop.


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