How to Clean Golf Clubs

How to Clean Golf Clubs

You will need warm water, dishwashing detergent, a golf cleaning brush, a club cleaning tool, and two clean towels to clean golf clubs properly. To start the cleaning process, you must dunk the club in soapy water (club heads only), then use a wet towel to wipe it down to remove any material on it. Next, put it back into the water and use a brush to clean the groves. Finally, once the golf club is no longer dirty, use a dry towel to properly pat down the clubs before returning them to your bag.


So, why should you clean your golf clubs anyway? What household items can someone use to clean golf clubs? How do you clean golf grips properly? How do you clean iron golf clubs and wooden clubs? Is Windex or vinegar good for golf club cleaning? Finally, how do you clean golf balls?


Here is a comprehensive guide on how to clean golf clubs properly.


Why Should You Clean Golf Clubs?

Why Should You Clean Golf Clubs

Golfers will find that cleaning their golf clubs helps them achieve maximum performance. The clubface and the grooves on the clubface are the main points of interaction between the club and the golf ball. A dirty clubface, and grooves caked with dirt, grass, and grime from taking divots, will negatively affect the shot’s distance, control, and direction.


A clean clubface will help you get the most accurate shot with each golf club’s expected loft and distance. Dirty clubs will provide the exact opposite outcome.


What Household Items Can I Use to Clean Golf Clubs?

What Household Items Can I Use to Clean Golf Clubs

Cleaning your club requires soapy water, so any dishwashing liquid or dish soap will work. While you may own a specific golf cleaning brush, it is okay if you don’t have one. You can use a toothbrush or any soft-bristle brush that you may have around the house.


You will also need at least two towels, one for cleaning and one for drying. Cleaning is simple and inexpensive, requiring only a few items and a little elbow grease.


Should You Wash Your Golf Clubs?

Other than the processes described above, there is no additional need to wash your golf clubs with other cleaning methods. Some people like to use a pressure washer to clean their golf clubs, but this can prove more damaging to the clubs than helpful.


How Do You Clean Golf Club Grips?

How Do You Clean Golf Club Grips

To clean your golf club grips, you will need a bucket of warm, soapy water, another bucket of clean water, a soft bristle scrub brush, and a towel.


You will start by dipping the brush in warm water and scrubbing the golf grip on all sides. You should then thoroughly rinse off the grip in clean water and then dry it with a towel. Set it aside to further air dry while you repeat each club’s golf club grip cleaning process, from driver through putter.


Clean grips are essential to your game, as the golf club grip is the only part of the club you come in contact with during your swing.


How Do You Clean Iron Golf Clubs?

How Do You Clean Iron Golf Clubs

To clean golf irons, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add soap or dishwashing liquid. Put the club heads in the water and leave them there for a few minutes.


Then, take the golf irons out one at a time and use a cleaning tool, toothbrush, or soft-bristle brush to remove the dirt. If you have a clean golf tee, you can also use that to remove dirt and grass from the grooves.


Then, give the irons another rinse. Once done, dry the clubs with a towel before putting them back in your golf bag. It’s essential to completely dry your clubs before putting them away, as leaving them wet could result in rust buildup, which not only looks bad but could also affect the resale value of your clubs should you decide to trade them in or sell them.


How Do You Clean Wooden Golf Clubs

The majority of drivers and fairway woods are not made of wood. They are generally made of stainless steel, graphite, carbon, or other composite materials; you may hear them referred to as metal woods. As such, they can follow the regular cleaning process as described above.


However, some older and vintage clubs are in use that are made of wood and need to be cleaned differently. Prolonged exposure to water is a problem for these types of clubs, and soaking them should be avoided at all costs. First, the best way to clean them is to use a toothbrush or soft scrubbing tool and remove all dirt and marks. Then, use a slightly damp cloth for moisture and as little as necessary to complete the job. Once cleaned, dry the clubs immediately and return them to the golf bag.


Is Windex Good for Golf Club Cleaning?

Golfers don’t recommend using Windex for cleaning golf club heads. However, it is fine to use on golf grips as part of an overall cleaning process.


Adding a little Windex at the end of the golf grip cleaning process can be helpful. Once the grips have been cleaned and rinsed, spray them with a little Windex and then dry them with a towel. Do not rinse off the Windex. Windex provides tackiness to the grip, which is beneficial when swinging the club.


Can You Use Vinegar to Clean Golf Clubs?

Can You Use Vinegar to Clean Golf Clubs

Golfers agree that vinegar is generally safe when cleaning irons, as most are stainless steel. You will want to mix the vinegar with water while soaking them.


If the irons are especially dirty, making a paste with vinegar and baking soda and applying it to the club face for a few minutes before wiping it off can be helpful.


Vinegar can also help remove rust on golf club shafts. However, it should not be used on high-end putters (such as the new carbon versions) as it may remove the chrome polish that gives the putter its distinctive appearance.


How Do You Clean Golf Balls?

  1. Fill a bucket with hot water and add white vinegar or ammonia.
  2. Put your golf balls in the bucket and let them soak for about 30 minutes in the warm water.
  3. Dump the golf balls into another bucket filled with clean water.
  4. Remove them one at a time and use a towel to dry them off.
  5. Let them air dry for a while.


Also, one suggestion is not to use a sharp bristled brush to clean golf balls, as those brushes will tend to scratch the golf balls. Scratches on a golf ball, in turn, will affect the golf ball’s flight and performance.


How Do You Clean Other Golf Equipment You Have?

Other than golf clubs and golf balls, you have other golf equipment items that you should clean. These can include headcovers, golf shoes, gloves, and towels. Each of these has very different and particular cleaning needs. Some gloves, towels, and headcovers can be put in the washing machine, while others need to be cleaned by hand and air-dried, depending on the material. The golf shoe soles should be cleaned after each round, either with a wire brush or by clapping the shoes to remove dirt and grass.


Depending on the type of golf equipment you have, the cleaning method will be different. Keeping golf equipment clean, regardless of how you do it, is necessary in terms of the performance and longevity of the equipment.


Conclusion: How to Clean Golf Clubs

In summary, regularly cleaning your golf clubs is pretty straightforward. Below are the steps to take to make sure you have clean golf clubs.


  1. Start by dunking a club in the soapy water, then use a wet towel to wipe the clubface.
  2. Dunk it again, and then use a brush to clean out the grooves, occasionally using the wet towel to wipe away any loosened dirt.
  3. Once the club face and the grooves have been cleaned, use the dry towel to complete the job by drying them.
  4. Place the golf clubs back in your bag once they are dry.


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