How Many Points is a Touchdown in Football?

A touchdown in American Football is worth six points. Touchdowns occur either by running the ball into the end zone or catching a pass in the end zone. So why is a touchdown worth six points, what are examples of a touchdown, and more? Find out these answers and more below!


A Brief History of Touchdown Scoring

In the late 1800s, American Football teams would score more points by kicking the football through the goalposts instead of bringing the ball into the end zone. During this time, kicking the ball through the goalpost was worth four points, while a touchdown was worth two. In 1912, the scoring team would get 6 points for a touchdown and only earn three points for a successful kick.


Why is a Touchdown worth Six Points?

why is a touchdown worth six points

From 1909-1912, a touchdown in an American Football Game was five points. In 1912, a touchdown became worth six points. Six points are easy to understand since kicking a field goal might be easier, which is why it is worth three points or half as much as a touchdown. Since a safety is worth two points, and an extra point is one, six points for a touchdown makes it easy for fans to follow the game and understand the scores.


What are Examples of Scoring a Touchdown in Football?

what are examples of scoring a touchdown in football

A QB sneak touchdown is popular for teams to run on the goal line. The QB gets the ball on the hike and powers through into the end zone to score. If the QB can get the ball past the goal line and properly secure the ball without losing it, they score 6 points.


Another example of a touchdown is when the quarterback hands the ball off to a running back during a football game. The QB can either pitch the ball to the running back or hand the ball off directly. The offense gets six points if the running back can cross the goal yard line and secure the ball.


A passing touchdown is a popular scoring play for teams. An example of a passing TD is when the quarterback throws the football to a wide receiver. The wide receiver can either catch the ball in the end zone or catch the ball and run into the end zone. As long as the wide receiver has possession of the ball from the catch and has two feet in the end zone, the team scores 6 points.


Finally, the defensive or special teams unit can score a touchdown on a play. For example, a defensive player can recover a fumble or create an interception and then bring the football to the other end zone to score. For special teams, a team can score by bringing back a punt or kickoff for a touchdown or getting the ball from a fumble.


How Does the Referee Signal a Touchdown?

how does the referee signal a touchdown

The referee signals a touchdown by throwing their two arms up in the air like a goal post.


How Does the Extra Point Attempt Work?

how does the extra point attempt work

After a touchdown occurs by one football team, they now get to perform a field goal attempt or 2-point conversion on the 2-yard line. Teams line up to kick the ball through the upright for one point with their kicker. If the team is looking to score two points, they line up to run /pass the ball for a two-point attempt.


Teams can also line up for an extra-point kick but run a fake play to catch the defense off guard. If the offense can run or pass the ball from a fake kicking formation into the end zone, they score two points. While this phony kick can catch a defense off guard, most teams line up for a proper kick to try for one additional point.


Can a Drive Be Worth 8 Points?

can a football drive be worth 8 points

A drive is worth eight points if a team scores a touchdown and immediately scores on the two-point conversion attempt. 2-point conversions are risky because if you don’t make it into the end zone on that one attempt, you leave the drive only scoring six points. Unless a team needs to score the eight points during the game, most take the safe field goal attempt to score the additional point.


Most teams line up via a 2-point conversion like they would with any offensive formation. Some ways to score the 2-point conversion are a QB sneak, a screen pass, or a handoff to a running back. Some teams might run a phony field goal attempt to score two points, but those plays are challenging to perform correctly.


How Many Points is a Field Goal in American Football?

how many points is a field goal in american football

A successful field goal is worth three points during a game. The kicking team receives three points as long as the football crosses through the goalposts and upright. However, if the kicking team doesn’t get the ball through the goalposts, the defense starts on offense right where the football snap took place.


How Many Points is a Safety During an American Football Game?

A safety is worth two points for the defending team. A safety occurs when a football player sacks an offensive player, usually the QB or running back, into their own end zone. Generally speaking, you see safeties happen when the offense is on their goal line and don’t have enough room to get out of the way when the defense comes after them.


Are the Points in the NFL the Same in College Football?

are the points in the nfl the same in college football

The point breakdown between the NFL and College Football is the same. A touchdown is worth six, a field goal is worth three, and a safety is worth two points. However, unlike the NFL, college football only needs one foot in the end zone on a catch while the NFL requires two.


Are the Points in the NFL the same in High School Games?

The point breakdown between the NFL and high school games is the same. That means that touchdowns are worth six, a successful field goal is three, and a safety is two points.


How Do Touchdown Points Work in Fantasy Football?

Touchdown points will vary depending on your fantasy league, but scoring points will always be worth more than catches. With that said, you want to have a quarterback on your fantasy football team who throws a lot of touchdowns and then also have a wide receiver or tight end which makes plenty of touchdown catches. You will earn more points if you can draft a top QB and wide receiver on the same team since they receive a touchdown credit on one pass.


Can a Player Celebrate a Touchdown?

can a player celebrate a touchdown

In 2006, the NFL began cracking down on over-the-top celebrations after a touchdown via a 15-yard penalty. The “excessive celebration” rule was not popular in the football league, so the rule change in 2017 brought back celebrations. As long as a player was not taunting the other team or creating a massive delay in a game, the refs allow celebrations.


One popular celebration in the league is spiking the ball into the endzone. For example, Rob Gronkowski is famous for throwing the ball hard into the endzone and celebrating with his teammates after a touchdown. Other times, you will see teams line up to take a fake photo, do a dance, or something even more creative.


Conclusion: How Many Points is a Touchdown in Football?

In summary, a touchdown in American Football is worth six points. A touchdown occurs when the offensive player has secure possession of the ball and can touch the endzone with the ball or have two feet in the end zone. After a player scores a touchdown, you will see the player celebrate their accomplishment. Sometimes, in Green Bay, for example, you will see football players jump into the stands for a bit after a touchdown to celebrate with the fans.


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