How Many Innings Are in Baseball?

how many innings are in baseball

Professional baseball games have nine innings of regular play. Each team has 27 outs to use, which means three outs per inning. If a game after the ninth inning is a tie, the game goes into extra innings to determine a winner. If the home team is winning the game after the visiting team records their 27th out, the game is over even without them recording 27 outs.


So, what does the top and bottom of an inning mean in baseball? Can games end before nine innings, and does the postseason or World Series have longer games than nine innings? How does extra innings work?


Here is the complete breakdown of baseball innings.


What Does the Top of an Inning Mean During Baseball Games?

What Does the Top of an Inning Mean During Baseball Games

The top of an inning means that the away team is batting. During the top of each inning, the home team is pitching and playing defense against the away squad.


What Does the Middle of an Inning Mean?

What Does the Middle of an Inning Mean

The middle of the inning is the pitching change between both teams. For example, after the home team records three outs in the top of the first inning, they now leave the field to go to bat, and the visiting team goes on the field to play defense and pitch. Typically, during the middle of an inning, you will see players warm-up, tossing the baseball around for two minutes before the action resumes.


During Minor League Baseball Games, you tend to see more promotional material in the middle of an inning to make it more fan-friendly. Some examples of the middle of an inning promotion include throwing t-shirts into the crowd and having contests at the stadium for fans.


What Does the Bottom of an Inning During Baseball Games Mean?

what does the bottom of an inning during baseball games mean

The bottom of an inning means that the home team is now at-bat. The home team also gets to bat last, even during extra innings, which is why they have a slight home-field advantage against the away squad. That is why winning a home-field edge during the playoffs is crucial since it gives your team a chance to either respond to a lead change or win the game via a walk-off.


Can Games End Before 9 Innings of Baseball in the Regular Season?

can games end before 9 innings of baseball in the regular season

An official baseball game occurs when one team records 15 outs against the other team and is winning. This official game rule is essential to know if a game goes into a rain delay or rainout.


For example, the visiting team is winning 6-2 after the fifth inning, and rain starts coming down at the top of the sixth. If the rain doesn’t clear for the rest of the day, umpires can call the contest an official game even without playing nine innings of baseball, and the visiting team wins.


Can Games End Before 9 Innings of Baseball in the Postseason or World Series?

can games end before 9 innings of baseball in the postseason or world series

Unlike the regular season, where a game can conclude after 15 outs and a team winning, the postseason and World Series will always resume action the next day. The most famous moment of this occurring was during the 2008 World Series with the Tampa Bay Rays vs. the Philadelphia Phillies. Game 5 was put into a rain delay and resumed precisely where the action was left off two days later.


Is there a Time Limit in Professional Baseball Games?

There is no time limit in professional baseball games, but the minor leagues are experimenting with a pitch clock to speed up the game’s action. Minor League Baseball tends to test rule changes before implementing them in MLB, so you might see a time limit on pitching in the future.


How Does Extra Innings Work in Major League Baseball?

how does extra innings work in major league baseball

Extra innings in Major League Baseball occurs when the game is tied after nine innings of play. New starting in the 2020 season automatically put a baserunner on second base who made the last out the previous inning. The idea behind putting a runner on second base is to speed up the game’s conclusion.


Before this rule change, extra-inning baseball would work just like the previous nine innings where teams had three outs to use per inning. At the end of an extra inning, whatever team had more runs would win the game. Before 2021’s extra-inning rule, no automatic runner was put on second base to speed up the game’s conclusion in the MLB.


What was Longest Major League Baseball Game via Innings?

According to, the Brooklyn Robins vs. the Boston Braves was the longest professional game at 26 innings. Shockingly, that game took under four hours to complete, which today’s baseball games take about three hours to complete nine innings.


How Does Extra Innings Work in Minor League Baseball?

how does extra innings work in minor league baseball

Minor League Baseball has been using a runner at second base during extra innings since 2018. Before 2018, the automatic baserunner at second during extra innings began during the World Baseball Classic and later in the Rookie leagues before making it to all levels of MiLB.


How Do Doubleheader MLB Games Work?

how do doubleheader mlb games work

Doubleheaders in 2023 are now back to nine innings of play.


Doubleheader MLB matches in 2020 and 2021 had two seven-inning games. The idea behind shorter games was to give more rest to players who would play both games. The other reason was the pandemic when teams canceled games due to getting sick, so there were plenty of doubleheaders during both seasons.


Before 2020, doubleheaders would work by playing two nine-inning baseball games in a single day.


How Many Innings Does the MLB Postseason and World Series Have?

How Many Innings Does the MLB Postseason and World Series Have

The MLB Postseason and World Series each have nine innings of play. The format works the same as the regular season, where the away team bats at the top of every inning. The only main difference is that games won’t be called during a rainout as they will during the regular season. Any rainout game will resume the next day during the postseason and world series.


How Many Innings Does Minor League Baseball Have?

how many innings does minor league baseball have

Minor League Baseball games have nine innings, just like MLB games. The top of the inning has the away team bat, while the bottom of the inning has the home team bat. Games can go into extra innings if the game does not have a winner after the ninth inning.


How Many Innings is in the World Baseball Classic?

The World Baseball Classic has nine innings of play.


How Many Innings Does College Baseball Have?

A regulation NCAA College Baseball Game is nine innings. The longest NCAA college basketball game occurred between Texas and Boston College, taking over seven hours.


How Many Innings Does High School Baseball Have?

High School Baseball games are seven innings. The top half of the inning has the away team hit, while the bottom has the home team hit. If there is no winner after seven innings, the game goes into extra innings.


How Many Innings is in Little League?

The number of innings a Little League game plays is six innings. The game lasts about an hour to an hour and a half at this level.


Conclusion: How Many Innings are in Baseball Games?

In summary, a professional baseball game is nine innings of play. However, in MLB, there are some exceptions when games can end before nine innings if there is a rainout, and the match meets the minimum requirement to be an official game. For the MLB World Series and Postseason, games are also nine innings.


High School baseball games are only seven innings, and Little League games are six. Softball games are only seven innings of play.


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