‌Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Diapers?

Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Diapers

Most people know that a traditional NASCAR race can take hours to complete. As fans take breaks to go to the bathroom, they may wonder if their favorite drivers have to do the same. These days, comments about NASCAR drivers wearing diapers are common. However, the answer is more straightforward. Very few race car drivers have to pee during a race because they sweat so much. If they have to pee, they rarely worry about wearing a diaper to catch it.


So, how long is a typical NASCAR race? Do NASCAR drivers have to pee during a race? Do diaper companies sponsor NASAR drivers?


Here is the complete breakdown of if NASCAR drivers wear diapers during races.


How Long is a Typical NASCAR Race?

How Long is a Typical NASCAR Race

Most fans love NASCAR events because they can be full-day events. While most NASCAR races are about two-and-a-half hours long, some longer races, like the Daytona 500, can take over four hours to complete. That doesn’t include time spent under caution, following a pace car, or waiting for weather conditions to clear up. Since drivers can spend so long in the car without breaks, it’s easy to wonder how they pee during a race.


Do NASCAR Drivers have to Pee During a Race?

Do NASCAR Drivers have to Pee During a Race

NASCAR drivers rarely pee during a race because they spend a lot of time striking the perfect hydration balance before and during the race. They often work with trainers ahead of a weekend to build a strategy around how much water they need to drink to stay hydrated but not have to go to the bathroom. To stay hydrated, drivers will have water in the car and take salt tablets to ensure they have the right electrolyte balance.


Drivers also sweat a lot during a race. There is no air-conditioning in a NASCAR car, though they get some fresh air through the open windows. It can be up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit hotter inside a racecar than outside, which means the drivers are subject to high temperatures.


Finally, a driver’s fire retardant race suit isn’t very breathable, which means they lose a lot of water through sweat. Drivers lose so much moisture through sweat that they’re often weighed before and after an event. Over time, the before and after weight allows them to know how much water they need to drink after a race. All of these factors mean that it’s relatively unlikely drivers will have to go to the bathroom during a race because they’re so dehydrated.


Why Are There Rumors About NASCAR Drivers Wearing Diapers?

Why Are There Rumors About NASCAR Drivers Wearing Diapers

If racers are so rare to pee during a race, why are there many rumors about NASCAR Cup Series drivers wearing diapers while they race? The simple answer is that some drivers have admitted to peeing during a race, so fans develop theories about how that happens.


When NASCAR drivers pee, they often do it right in their fire suit. Since conditions are so hot, the suits are often saturated with sweat anyway, so additional fluid from urine likely goes undetected.


What Famous Drivers Have Worn a Diaper During a NASCAR Race?

What Famous Drivers Have Worn a Diaper During a NASCAR Race

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most popular NASCAR drivers to admit that he’s gone to the bathroom in his car during a race. His testimony didn’t detail, leaving fans wondering if drivers wear adult diapers or use a catheter to redirect urine somewhere else in the car.


Like Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, other racers have shared their thoughts about peeing during a race. While Keselowski has admitted to going a handful of times during his career, Logano has reportedly never gone to the bathroom during a race.


What about Other Motorsports?

What about Other Motorsports

Motorsport drivers in other racing federations are also known to pee in their race suits. Will Power, an Indycar driver who has participated in the Indy 500, has openly admitted to peeing in his suit during races.


Some Formula 1 drivers have also gone to the bathroom during races. However, many prefer to wait until the race is over since the race is much shorter.


Have Diaper Companies Sponsored NASCAR Drivers?

Have Diaper Companies Sponsored NASCAR Drivers

A few sponsors have decided to capitalize on the rumor of NASCAR drivers using adult diapers. Depends and Bordeaux Butt Paste have been two of the top bathroom-related companies to extend sponsorships to NASCAR drivers.


Depends, which is an adult diaper company, is probably the most well-known bathroom-related sponsorship. The company started sponsoring Juan Pablo Montoya in partnership with his primary sponsor, Target. The campaign was relatively good-humored, though some fans used the opportunity to poke fun at the driver.


In the mid-2000s, Kim Crosby partnered with Bordeaux’s Butt Paste, a diaper rash product, to help make her stock car racing dreams come true. As one of the few women in NASCAR, she didn’t see the success of other contemporaries like Danica Patrick. She took part in 10 races, including a historic race at Talladega, where she earned her only lead-lap finish.


Conclusion: Do NASCAR Drivers Wear Diapers?

Many people wonder what NASCAR drivers do when nature calls during a race. A driver can’t just take a pit stop and go to the bathroom when a race is underway. Many fans assume drivers wear diapers or use a catheter to make sure they can pee during a race.


However, the truth is that it’s so hot during a race that most drivers don’t have to pee at all. If they have to go to the bathroom, most NASCAR drivers go in their suits. While this may seem gross, most fans wouldn’t know the difference since they’re so sweaty after a long race.


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