Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre Aerial View

When did the Rogers Centre Open?

Rogers Centre (Blue Jays Stadium or the Dome) opened up in 1989 and is home to the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto, Canada. The ballpark opened up as a multi-sports complex.


Where is Rogers Centre Located?

Rogers Centre from the Outside Water

The location of Rogers Centre is in downtown Toronto Canada. Many people wonder what is the address of the Skydome. The ballpark’s address is 1 Blue Jays Way. Toronto is about a five-hour drive to Cleveland, a seven-hour drive to Montreal, a ten-hour trip to New York City, and an eleven-hour drive from Boston. Check out the Blue Jays parking guide if you plan to drive to the game.


What Time do the Gates Open at the Rogers Centre?

When does Rogers Centre open for Jays games is a common question people ask. The Blue Jays open their gates a little over 90 minutes during the weekday. On Saturday and Sunday, the Jays open up over 2 hours before the first pitch.


What Team Plays at the Rogers Centre?

Blue Jay Stadium Looking out from the Outfield

The Toronto Blue Jays play at the Rogers Centre. The Blue Jays are a major league baseball team in the American league. Since being founded in 1989, the Blue Jays have won two World Series championships.


What are the Dimensions at The Skydome?

Rogers Centre falls into the cookie-cutter MLB ballpark phase where the outfield walls are equidistant all around. Having an equidistant from home plate to any of the walls means hitting a home run is the same for lefties and righties. Most MLB stadiums today try and give an advantage to one side of home plate, but Rogers Centre keeps everything the same.


From left to right field, you will see the dimensions listed as 328 feet, 375 feet, 400 feet in center area, 375 feet in the right center, and 328 in right field. With this ballpark being in Canada, you will see meters underneath the feet markers. From left field to right field, it’s 100 meters in left, 114 meters in left center, 122 meters in center area, 114 meters in right center, and 100 meters in the right field.


What is the Capacity at Rogers Centre?

This MLB Canadian ballpark is one of the more massive stadiums in the game. Rogers Centre capacity is just under 50,000 seats. 28,000 fans on average came to Rogers Centre to watch a game in 2018. Opening day generally bring in a large crowd of Blue Jays fans to the Blue Jays Stadium. The Old Yankee Stadium Capacity and Shea Stadium Capacity match this stadium with size and had around the same seating capacity.


Blue Jays Tickets

Ticket sales and ticket prices for attending a game fall on the cheaper side compared to other teams in the northeast. You are best to get tickets directly from, StubHub, Ticketmaster, or some other third-party application for a blue jays game. When the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Kanas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals, or San Francisco Giants come to town, you can expect tickets to be more difficult to get.


Closet Ballparks

With Blue Jays Stadium in Toronto, you will have to head south to catch other MLB ballparks. The nearest ballpark is out in Detroit at Comerica Park. This ballpark is home to the Detroit Tigers who are an American League team. If you head south from Detroit, you can get to Progressive Field which is where the Cleveland Indians play.


If you wanted to catch the closet American League East ballparks, you could drive or fly to Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and Camden Yards. You will need to dedicate a few days for this trip to make sure all three teams are playing at home. The Rays play out in Tropicana Field which is out in Florida, so this will be a hike to get to if you wanted to catch all five MLB A.L East teams.


Notable Features

Rogers Centre (formerly known as the Skydome) was the first stadium to have a fully retractable motorized roof. The retractable roof allows baseball games to be playable in either a controlled temperate climate or open to the weather elements outside. The retractable roof takes about 20 minutes to open and close. Having a retractable roof is the preference in baseball unlike having a dome facility like Rays Stadium. When the roof is open, you can see the CN tower out over the first base side of things. The best view to take this in is from the third base side of the field.


One unique feature of the ballpark is the use of astroturf for their playing surface. Most MLB ballparks use traditional grass, but this stadium was designed to use astroturf. Only the Tampa Bay Rays out in Tropicana field use astroturf for their area. The royals out in Kauffman Stadium use to use astroturf, but they have moved to real grass.


The other most notable feature within the ballpark is the Toronto hotel out in center field. The Toronto Marriot City Centre Hotel’s location is out in the center area. This hotel view gives fans the ability to book a hotel room directly in the ballpark. There are other Toronto hotels around the ballpark including The Renaissance and the Hamilton, but this is a unique option for fans to check out.